Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finding Art

andreas bechtler modern art
Our first visit to the new UNCC building uptown offered a few good surprises today.  Chief among them a few moments of ad hoc and deliciously awkward questions that leaned out of each of Andreas Bechtler's works of art. We would expect that each visitor would be forced to contemplate their own set of reactions to his art; and so we urge you stop by and take look >> Center City Gallery <<.
Or if you are an online sleuth check out Charlotte Viewpoint's article >> Charlotte Viewpoint <<

andreas bechtler uncc exhibit art modern
And if your curiosity has been peaked, walk through the rest of the building and discover more and equally stunning modern work by other renown artist.  If you are as lucky as us you might even stumble into Crista Cammaroto, the ever so charming and engaging curator behind all things artful at the Center City Gallery.  She took a good chunk of time out of her calendar and gave us an inside look at her work and the artwork around.

modern architecture charlotte leed certified green

We stumbled upon her path while we were searching for David Walters, Charlotte's own guru of urbanity, which had us also marvel at the student's work, becoming Masters of Urban Design.  We were leaving puzzling only at the architecture, which unfortunately left us underwhelmed, despite this one peek shown above with the stunning view of Charlotte.  While all its LEED accomplishment might be note-worthy, we do think that a good place the building did not offer.  Oh well. Talk to us and convince us otherwise.  We do love to discover what we cannot see.

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