Friday, February 3, 2012

Hollywood is looking for Charlotte's Modern - Contemporary Homes in Charlotte, NC

Ever wondered why you see all these sexy, cool and modern homes on TV and in your favorite magazines?

Karl Golden, location scout for the Golden Globe winning TV hit "Homeland", which is filmed in Charlotte, called us up to take him on a tour of modern homes in the Queen City. He needed a good list for his clients.

So we shared with him a quick look at what the Queen City got to give. To share Hollywood's glamour with you and whet your whistle, let's share a few of the homes we pointed out to him.

First stop was, of course our own design and construction project, the "Schӧnberg Residence":

Schӧnberg Residence - Dialect Design

Schӧnberg Residence - Dialect Design

Schӧnberg Residence - Dialect Design

Schӧnberg Residence - Dialect Design

Next we pointed out the "Smith House" by New York architect Lindsay Myers Smith, the images are from the builder's facebook page, "Philip R. Thomas Construction":

Smith House - Lindsay Myers Smith

Smith House - Lindsay Myers Smith

This  photo of the "Carmazzi Residence" we found on "Triangle Modernist Houses". It was designed by Virginia based William McDonough Architects:

Carmazzi Residence - William McDonough Architects
Our good friend and colleague, Jim Warren, built this design by Charlotte's Stan Russel on Tippah Avenue. The image is also from "Triangle Modernist Houses":

Tippah Home - Stan Russel
Charlotte's Liquid Design came up with a modern group of homes on  Craig Avenue. The image is from "Charlotte Modern Realty" and good friend and realtor on all things modern, Gail Jodon:
Craig Avenue - Liquid Design

This house, we pointed out, is an absolute jewel. A very good friend of ours lives in it and did much of the work in its construction.  It's situated on a lake with gorgeous views and was designed by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects:

Mack ScoginMerrill Elam Architects

As we pointed out to Karl Golden, there is a great array of modern homes in Charlotte. From Atomic Ranch to Midcentury Modern Homes, and contemporary residential architecture, we have seen some 300 structures in and around Charlotte. They range from small to large and various looks. There are many more modern additions and interior upfits to round off the picture.
Charlotte does know how to live modern and to do it right.

And hey – if Hollywood wants more, we’ll give‘em more!

We at Dialect have certainly experienced a vibrant new wave of Charloteans wanting to match their living quarters with their contemporary life style. And as our clients are finding comfort in knowing about the local modern market, and the freedom and playfulness to be had in modern homes, the variety of our modern homes and those of others is growing and getting more daring by the minute.

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