Monday, February 14, 2011

Dialect Meditates w/ John W. Love. Jr.

If you haven't heard: John W. Love Jr. holds a guided mediation at Dialect every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. To join you can contact him through our website at or his contact info below. But whatever you do, please make sure to read his latest email invitation. And just to let you know they are this juicy evvery single week:
MONDAY - Dialect Design
TUESDAY - Dialect Design
WEDNESDAY - Dialect Design
When Despair arrived...this time she was already standing at the door with a mantra on her lips and a sachet of silky and crystalline vision tucked behind her third rib; standing at the door clothed in nothing but her radiance and her highest heels.
"Everything I do brings me joy and I enjoy everything I do...I bring joy to everything I do...I bring joy to everything I do...", she murmured. Then bolted.
"So you're running now.", Despair spat into the wind. "You're running from me but what are you running towards, LaDonnia?! Who's your lover now, my desperate dearest?"
"Perpetuating joy, I bring joy to everything I do...I bring joy to everything I do...", she whispered over a bare shoulder. "It is with pleasure that I'm leaving your vile ass you intoxicating sonuvabitch. I am my lover now! I am running into the tear stained face of Bliss! I am running into the ceaseless embrace of The Lovely! I am running into the endlessness of The Yummy! I am running into the endlessness of The Yummy! I am running into the endlessness of The Yummy!", and without warning she took flight startling even the wing-ed ones charged to accompany her on her journey.
Take unabashed flight and let all of existence catch up with you. Take unabashed flight and look back only to entertain yourself with how pretty your ass continues to look. Take unabashed flight and apologize for nothing. Your current has arrived. Your winds should be picking you up right!
Breathe. Fly into your Yummy. Breathe. Fly into your Yummy. Breathe. Fly. Breathe.
To CONFIRM attendance:
If I don't hear from
anyone, the evening's session will be canceled.
If I do hear from you, you know the times and places...
Dialect Design
3204-C North Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205
[Between the blocks of 35th and 36th,
Across the street from Cabo Fish Taco and Dolce Vita Wine Bar,
To the right of the fire station,
Above the old Center of the Earth Gallery,
Upstairs and to the left!
$15 or WHATEVER YOU'RE MOVED TO DO donation/love offering
Bring a cushion, blanket, or pillow if you'd like the floor.
We also have very limited chair options!

If you're interested in private sessions or group sessions on other days, speak it!
704 807 1110


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