Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We enjoyed an intriguing Dialect Night Special this Sunday at our studio gallery. Brent Bagwell had organized a performance by his free improv Jazz ensemble Great Architect and a musical percussion-sound-performance by Tatsuya Nakatani. Meanwhile the artists creatively working in our studios displayed their work.
All their efforts formed into a magical night with a lot of wonders and creative energies overlaying themselves to a sexy fabric.
Great Architect played for the third time this evening at Dialect and this time calmly and groundedly found a rhythmic base and creative interplay that showed a comfort and trust in the space and their creativity. it was their best performance yet.

Tatsuya Nakatani, meanwhile, filled the place with reverberating deep bellows and changing rhythmic overtones with gongs of different size and tonality. He squeezed and gently tickled a cacophony of sounds out of them with mesmerizing artistry. He moved on to a toolbox full of collected percussion toys and found objects that he had dance on a snare drum in an acrobatic frenzy, creating magical sounds, drawing unimaginable sound images out of his instruments, while finding percussionist vibrations with various mallets and a smoothly vibrating fluttering right foot on a base. It was mesmerizing.

If that wasn't enough, Taryn Rubin, Amy Bagwell, and Rae LeGrone showed off their visual and poetic artistry with a carefully crafted exhibition. Their work was playful, meticulous, and searching for questions unasked.
We walked away invigorated, tossed about, and greatly inspired.
Thank you!

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