Friday, October 8, 2010

Openhouse at Schönberg Residence with art by Regine Bechtler, Andreas Bechtler, and jazz by Great Architect

We enjoyed a great get-together at the Schönberg Residence, the modern addition we designed and built in Charlotte.
The home owners, Caroline and Matthias, invited us and a large crowd for a wonderful late summer evening. We toured folks through the modern home and received a lot of compliments and positive comments.

The most lasting words were from Andreas Bechtler, the Swiss art collector, who has worked with the world famous architect Mario Botta on Charlotte's new museum of modern art. He shared with us that our architecture was "most exquisite, even for European standards". This was after he studied all our details at length and discussed his Bechtler Museum by Botta and compared it with our work.

He showed his own personal art during the evening as well, but mostly his wife and artist Regine Bechtler with some breathtaking sculptures and paintings.
We were also happy to enjoy live jazz by Brent Bagwell and his drummer from Great Architect.

Take part in the wonderful evening trough the images below by Armando Bellmas.

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  1. The House you designed is the perfect venue for a gathering of such interesting people. Wish I could have been's just my kind of event, as I love to people watch and eaves drop as I take in great design.