Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art - a field trip

We had a chance today to stop by Charlotte's Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. A long overdue field trip to the city's premier and shiny new example of truly modern Architecture. It was a feast of modernity both in building and art. And it was a momentary experience of urban life. As much as we critiqued and questioned all we saw, we were thankful for Charlotte offering a glimpse of the great city it seems to be growing into; with public transportation, plazas, a bustling street life and tightly woven multi-functional common spaces. It was blissful.
We leave the critique of the art and architecture to both of our more eloquent friends Manoj Kesavan and Phillip Larrimore (see links below). However, we shall say that Mario Botta's design allowed us to marvel at architecture, art and the city all at the same time. It's openess and constant views to the urban surroundings was pleasant. As were the occasional interior views through the building itself that let us experience the structure throughout the visit.
As for the art, we were excited about the playful mingling of truly wonderful examples of modern art centered roughly around the middle of the 20th century. An unassuming arrangement that allowed us to see each piece freshly and with a presence you would see in Bechtler's own residence.
The art itself also inspired us to lengthy excursions into our own work and aspirations both in our architecture, as well as our Dialect Nights. We drew fresh energy and ideas out of an art that was often structural, sculptural, searching and experimental. The art certainly was touching in its energy and trust in skill.
Thank you Bechtler Museum for making us feel at home, both as citizens and modern architects in Charlotte.

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