Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting Our New Modern House Ready For The Web

We are getting our first "Pod" design ready for the web. We uploaded the floor plans on our Dialect Design page and will dazzle you with the exterior look soon. The idea behind this modern house design is that, as a base unit, it is efficient and small, and very affordable to build. In addition, you can choose several add-on units to increase the square footage. You can do that right from the get-go or later in the future, as your life changes.
The base unit, we call our P.1 modern house. The actual main floor is on the second level perched over an open and covered entertainment area or carport. This main floor is perfect for a single person or a couple. You can use it as your home, a guest suite, studio space, beach house, or mountain retreat. We worked on keeping the square footage small, but offering a spacious sense of living with all the amenities.

Here is a sneak peak:
We are finalizing the design of the exterior right now and will feature it online soon. We are also going to add more detailed information on our new info service on each set of modern house plans to give you the scoop behind the scene at
By keeping this building small and economical, we are working towards a very low construction price, our self imposed 60K benchmark. The beauty of the design is its flexibility. You can start small and grow as your life style of finances change. Not only can you build out each base unit, but by exchanging the semi-exterior stair tower with a different "connector" you can string up several units and create a larger floor plan or community of living units. Each unit is designed to be used as a fully functioning dwelling, to be subleased again as your nest is emptying or you might need to rely on extra revenue.
We will add more pieces to the puzzle as we are working along. Make sure to stay tuned.

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