Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A European Style House For An Affordable Price

The present worldwide economic strain has changed the expectations home buyers have of their houses. They need to be affordable and efficient. And they need to be able to adjust, once their situation improves again. Our new P.1 home is designed as a European style house that can do that for you.
It starts at a 24 feet by 24 feet one floor base unit. It will offer all the amenities you expect from your modern dwelling. The base unit will be designed to be affordable to build. Keeping local building cost and current local prices for trades and materials in mind we are aiming at a $105 per square foot price, giving you a European style house for $60,480 construction cost. This price will have to adjust, of course, to your local pricing standards and the final design. The cool thing about this concept is for one that it is designed to function in many different ways right of the bat. It could be your starter home, an independent guest house, a home office, a rental unit in your back yard, a vacation cottage in the mountain or at the beach, an addition to an existing house, and much more. Secondly this “pod”, as we call it, is also conceived to be able to grow right from the beginning or in the future as your needs or economic outlook changes. In other words this pod can function as a base unit that can be added on with one or more additional pods. By offering this you can have an affordable European style house that can serve any life style and change in lifestyle. If you are a single parent with in-laws living with you, a single professional with a home office, a larger family with a independent live-at-home teenager, a couple of two, or anyone else, this simple and affordable European style modern house could be ideal for you.
We are interested o get your feed back at this point of the game to see our planning challenged and adjust to your input. Please write as an email at, if you are interested and want to keep in touch, or comment to this blog. Please also visit our online selections and ability to order a set of modern home plans at and at

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