Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why Modern?

It is our view that modern design and architecture is a continuation of a great history of building and design ideas and methods. Modernity today is explorative into the way we live and the way we build, further developing time tested means.
Often it finds itself demonized in comparison to what is considered “traditional”. It could not be further from the truth. The architecture that is being sold as “traditional” is too often a rather new and recent form of bad habits cultivated by a building industry only interested in itself. In contrast the contemporary houses, such as they are being featured by dwell magazine for example, are actually developing our traditions. They incorporate new needs, habits, and materials often quite elegantly.
We ask just the same of our technology. Our new cell phone can only be considered “good” if it is the newest most recently developed version of its former self. Our houses and built environment need to be considered in that way, too. What we are also asking, though, from it is warmth, richness of memories, and a time-enduring sense of home. Well designed contemporary buildings are best equipped to meet those demands and to do it in a manner fitting with our contemporary environment, materials, and environmental concerns.
We strive to do just that. Please visit our selection of contemporary houses. And please do it, if you just want to get your whistle wet.

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